1. III
praise smb., smth. praise his sister (smb.'s honesty, smb.'s efforts, etc.) хвалить его сестру и т.д., с похвалой отзываться о его сестре и т.д.; did he praise your work? он похвалил /оценил/ вашу работу?; our guests praised the dinner наши гости воздали обеду должное
2. IV
praise smth., smb. in some manner praise smth., smb. sincerely (eloquently, immoderately, lavishly, extravagantly, flatteringly, etc.) искренне и т.д. хвалить что-л., кого-л.
3. XI
be praised in same manner he was warmly (highly, lavishly, loudly, etc.) praised его горячо и т.д. хвалили; be praised for smth. he was highly praised for his bravery (for his honesty, etc.) его мужество и т.д. было высоко оценено /получило высокую оценку/; be praised by smb. he was praised by all (by everyone, by one's master, etc.) его все и т.д. хвалили
4. XXI1
praise smb., smth. for smth. praise the pupil for his good record (the boy for his courage, the girl for her diligence, the film for its scenery, etc.) хвалить ученика за хорошую успеваемость и т.д.; praise smb. to smth. praise smb. to his face хвалить кого-л. в лицо; praise smb. to the skies хвалить /превозносить/ кого-л. до небес

English-Russian dictionary of verb phrases. 2013.

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